Why Silicone Master?

Perfect finish

Always a perfect finish due to the correct hardness and elasticity of the Ultra Thermoplastic profiles.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the handle ensures good grip and easy use

Storage box

Including a handy storage box so you don't lose the 9 different profiles.

9 different profiles

Thanks to the 9 different profiles you always choose the right finish

Even in hard to reach places

Behind a stove, a tap, side of a window. Due to the unique design of the Silicone Master this is no problem

Without getting your hands dirty

A perfect silicone seal without dirtying your fingers and clothes

Making a silicone joint with a perfect finish is not always easy. Just think: behind or along a stove, tap, side of a window …

But there Silicone Master® distinguishes itself from other products.

Many professional users notice that applying  the silicone seal with Silicone Master® ensures a more even and 100% perfect finish.

But even users who have never worked with silicone can now get a perfect finish thanks to Silicone Master®. Thanks to its 9 different profiles, you can choose the finish you want while the ergonomic handle ensures that you can effortlessly apply a perfect silicone seal even in hard-to-reach places. After research in its own laboratories, Silicone Master® has found the right formula for manufacturing the Ultra Thermoplastic profiles. This correct hardness and elasticity ensures that you always get exactly the same finishing profile, even when less or more pressure is exerted on the ergonomic handle and even when you stop in the middle of the work and pick up again afterwards.

Silicone Master is delivered standard with a handy storage box for the 9 different profiles and is available in the better specialist trade.

Silicone Master®

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